California State - Fullerton

California, United States

California State - Fullerton

Fullerton is a leading campus of the larger California State University and serves as an educational and cultural hub for southern California and a driver in developing the economy and workforce. CSU Fullerton is an emerging national model that works to support its students' success by using innovative and high-impact learning and co-curricular experiences—which includes collaborative research with faculty and students. The university aims to create an environment that enables the academic success of the students, and the efforts to address the needs of the university's region, while engaging the alumni, and serve as one of the best cultural and educational resources for the community while promoting a global outlook.

CSU Fullerton combines the best qualities of research and teaching universities in which faculty, students, staff, and administrators work closely together for collaboration. This fosters professional and personal development and advancing knowledge. The university is committed to promoting the quality and accessibility of the higher education, as well as promoting the long-term sustainability of the institution. CSU Fullerton values their transparent, inclusive, and vital system of collegiate governing. These promises are integrated in the university's mission and are critical in achieving the goals that it has set out to meet in the next 5 years. This institution works hard to build an environment on campus in which differences among students as well as faculty are welcomed and embraced, and valued and upheld for the greater good of the community, the nation, and the world. Student and staff diversity is conducive for the inclusive academic environment that is promised.

800 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831
(657) 278-2011

User Experience and Customer-Centered Design Certificate

User Experience, also shortened to UX, is defined as forming of positive and effectual interactions among users and products/technology which benefit or serve the user. US has come out at one of the fastest growing specialties in the business world today. There is a huge demand for skilled and knowledgeable professionals to work with customer-centered designs, ranging from mobile and web applications, personal computers, other devices, and so much more. The User and Customer Experience is a new trend that advances business and organizational performance and goals. With the certificate, students will learn about user-focused business processes that integrate research, designs, and usability testing methods from multiple disciplines. All of these things evoke effective end-user interactions and gratification with a company's products.

The program is made up of 6 required classes, 98 hours of lectures, a lab and discussion that is designed to give students an applied understanding of the concepts, skills, and practical knowledge that are needed for usability testing and user-centered design. The instructors are known industry professionals that are more than willing to share their own experience and knowledge to help them achieve their goals. Graduates of the program will gain many skills and have access to some of the best resources available. They will also develop an outstanding personal portfolio and the presentation skills that are necessary to tell the story outlined in their portfolio. Along with this, they will be able to effectively identify and discuss the best practices in all things around user-centered data.

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