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University College London, UCL, is London's star multidisciplinary university with about 38,000 students from 150 countries and a staff made up of 11,000. It was founded in 1826 in central London as the first university in England that would welcome students of all classes, and religions and was the first to accept men and women on equal terms. The founding principles of the university stand on academic greatness and research that is aimed at addressing problems in the real world. UCL is one of the leading multidisciplinary universities in the world, operating within a global context, committed to innovation, excellence, and promoting the whole understanding of all teaching, research, learning, and community engagement that goes on at UCL.

UCL's characteristic approach to research, innovation, and education will help to inspire the community made up of staff, partners, and students to change the way that the world is seem, how knowledge is created and shared, and how problems are solved on a global level. UCL encompasses an intellectually diverse community that engages with the entire world and is committed to changing it for the better. It is recognized for radical and critical thinking along with widespread influence. The university has the great ability to bring together research, education, enterprise, and innovation so that it will benefit humanity in the long term. In short, the University College London combines the strength of its staff and students across all areas of research so that the most pressing problems of the world can be addressed.

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Master of Science in HCI

This program works to combine rigorous academics with practical and professional skills that are required to succeed in a career within a variety of roles. HCI focuses on the design and use of computers, centering on the interfaces between computers and people. Research in this observes the manner in which individuals interact with computers, and then designs new ways for those individuals to interact with computers. As a whole, the HCI field is interdisciplinary, sitting at the crossing of design, behavioral sciences, and engineering. The program uses a combination of practical activities and lectures. The activities are mostly structured to work as individual or group projects, and each student is appointed a personal tutor that will monitor their achievement and well-being. This program has ties with leading industry partners, and puts on weekly seminars presented by external leaders for the industry to discuss current issues and outline their related work.

Students will work over one full calendar year to complete the program, as it helps them to design portfolios, videos, reports, and presentations. This allows them to develop and then demonstrate the broad range of skills that are vital to prospective employers. Students will also complete a research project as well as a dissertation. Former students have contributed to major projects and publications at the leading international conferences. All of this specialized education and projects contributes to turning out the best and the brightest students in the realm of human and computer interaction, working to further the world of technology as we know it.

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