Malmö Högskolan

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö Högskolan

Malmö University aims to be a part of society at every plane—regionally, nationally, and globally. The focus of the university is to make the world not only a better place, but a place that is fair. The mission of Malmö University is to be a vital center for education, research, and innovation. The research done at this institution is more often than not from a multidisciplinary approach and is completed in collaboration with partners that are outside of the university itself. Teachers and students work closely in order to make the most of the multidisciplinary education that is vital to the complex job market.

Classrooms are an international dream, as 1/3 of the students have a foreign background and it is the 9th largest higher educational institution located in Sweden—having over 24,000 students. The campus is made up of modern and environmentally friendly buildings that have won awards for their own architecture. The campus is situated in an area that is lively within Malmö, settled nicely near the railway station and close to the beach. Malmö University has agreements with about 250 universities around the world, enabling students with the opportunity to study abroad if they so choose. Malmö was voted as the 7th happiest place to live in Sweden, and the 6th most bicycle friendly city in the world—this allows for a safe, easy, and environmentally friendly way to travel while attending university. It is also the first city in Sweden to become a Fairtrade City, focusing on ethical consumption.

Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, 211 19 Malmö, Sweden
+040-665 76 70

Informationsarkitekt (Diploma in Information Architecture)

Those who are pursuing their Information Architect degree at this university, they are undertaking the task of bringing order to the many, many flows of information that are in existence. Students will learn practical skills, such as how to analyze, organize, and integrate not only information but information flows as well. During the program, students will learn about topics such as information security, project management, human computer interaction, cognitive science, programming, quality, information design, web design, and information technology. Students will be taught through mostly project-driven learning—meaning that the work that they do on their project(s) will be vital to their entire education. The projects required for this program are in cooperation with the industry making the education consistent with what is expected in the industry up to the most current standards, and it also gives students the opportunity to establish contracts with companies—this will help them after graduation. The way that the program is structured is meant to give students the ability to grow by working in groups and independently.

To be considered for admission into this program, students must maintain general admission requirements plus no lower than a B in English. The program is made up of 6 semesters, meaning that it can be completed in 3 years if courses are taken full time. Once completed, the student will have many specialized abilities that will allow them to apply their knowledge and understanding to the degree that is required within a profession of information technology.

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