Domus Academy

Milano, Italy

Domus Academy

Domus Academy is an incubator for talent and a point of departure for those embarking on interdisciplinary adventures. Students are aided in becoming main characters in the fields of fashion and design. The school is centered around a method of learning by designing—helping students to solve problems of design in the real world while having the opportunity to intern with some of the most well-known brands revolving around design, learning how to address the most prominent challenges in design in ways that have never been done before. The Academy believes that the best way to learn is by working on projects in connection with the real world, incorporating practical design assignments that are similar to those that are used in today's professional design practices.

In 2009, the academy joined the Laureate International Universities, made up of more than 80 accredited universities in 29 countries all over the world. Even so, it still hangs out with the top names in the design world. Those who founded the school wanted one where the students and staff were from all over the world, yet met at this central place to exchange magnificent ideas. At the present time, over 50 nationalities are represented at the campus of Domus Academy, as multiculturalism is at the height of importance. Most of the design solutions produced by the academy are created thanks to the multidisciplinary approach and collaboration of varying perspectives, tools, and competencies. The faculty is made up of those who are using their excellence in design to educate the future leaders in the field.

Via Carlo Darwin, 20, 20143 Milano, Italy
+39 02 4241 4001

Master of Interaction Design

This program is structured to explore research and design experiences that provide the tools for helping students to understand how things are done and to aid them in understanding why they are done. Students will develop necessary theoretical knowledge as well as professional skills for employing interaction design with consistency. The program is workshop-based and supported by seminars, tutorials, lectures, seminars, and fieldwork. It is made up of 4 main modules, each is made up of a course lasting 2 weeks, and workshop lasting 6 weeks. Following this, there is an internship period of 2 months, and then a final presentation of the portfolio. The structure of the modules can be customized, allowing the program to fit the needs of any student's goals and needs.

Once students have graduated from the academy, they will hold a degree that is recognized around the globe that is accredited that is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research. This accreditation has helped to build relationships with many outstanding brands around the world, allowing students to gain the practical work experience while they are receiving their education. After graduation, those brands that are hiring from Domus Academy will know that they are acquiring an individual that has skills and knowledge relevant to the industry. Spaces for the program are extremely limited, and those who are seeking admittance will be selected based on their application that will be examined by a team of educational advisers looking for academic records, work experience, test scores, and more.

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