Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Lyon, France

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

This university is the first French scientific center outside of the Ile de France. The community of universities and institutions is a unique alliance of universities, research organizations, and schools that brings together 12 different institutions representing more than 137,000 students and 168 laboratories. A brand as powerful as its name, the University of Lyon works to promote and develop only the highest scientific potential possible. It personifies an integrated, large university that is known for innovation and excellence. It gathers and coordinates all of the major strategic projects, like investments and campus plans, in consideration with all of the most important players in the arena—like companies, citizens, and communities—in order to benefit generations of the future.

The university is made up of 7 distinct campuses over 2 metropolises of Saint-Etienne and Lyon. The campuses are seeing much benefit from the development and improvements of the domains, so that they will remain open to the local socio-economic status, providing genuine support for research and innovation along with a specific environmental quality that helps to offer the best student housing. The university is propelled forward by the values of social responsibility, working toward accessible programming, allowing students to disseminate, share, and debate the current state of knowledge production. Accessible programming is what links the university with its land, it is a laboratory of social innovation that is supported by the assembly of researchers from varying disciplines with all of the most important players in society, including young people/students, companies, and associations.

46 Allée d'Italie, 69007 Lyon, France
+33 4 72 72 80 00

Master in Information Architecture

This program first opened in 2012, as the need for something like it could no longer be held back. Why is this? Perhaps because there are over a billion websites and mobile apps, supported by the fact that people are accessing resources from many different portals like computers, tablets, and smartphones, through different types of tools, like social networks and blogs. The internet has become a competitive environment, and this means that the success of a certain resource will depend highly on the experience of the user. This program is open to students of all disciplines that have completed their 3rd year of licensing, or is available as part of continuing education for professionals. It is advised that applicants are familiar with various digital tools, while a proficiency in computer science is not totally necessary.

It is also advised that applicants have a good understanding of oral and written English, as many of the videos, documents, and other content is delivered in English. A number of interventions will be delivered in English, while some work is requested to be completed in English.

Those who complete the Master in Information Architecture program can expect to take career opportunities like web architects and UX designers. Most graduates are recruited in their career field if not immediately following their internships, then within 3 months of it. Previous graduates speak quite highly of the program and would rate it on average 4.35 out of 5. Internships have been found in Paris, Lyon, and other places around Europe and even other countries.

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