University of Toronto - Centennial College

Ontario, Canada

University of Toronto- Centennial College

University of Toronto is already Canada's top ranked university, while Centennial College is Ontario's first community college. They have come together to create a handful of collaborative degree programs in New Media Studies, Journalism, and Paramedicine. Students that take advantage of these joint programs will have access to the research and teaching of both facilities, as well as the top of the line academic buildings and extra-curricular facilities in order to get the most out of their learning experience. Students will gain much benefit from all of the best faculty at the top of their fields and gain valuable experience within cutting-edge environments. Essentially, graduates will be able to learn more while saving their money and time when pursuing a degree from the U of T and a diploma or certificate from Centennial College.

One of the greatest benefits is that students are able to complete a program that would normally take 6 years in as little as 4 years, saving immense time and money in the long run. The university setting will provide a solid foundation for the academics, graduates are put in a position that will lend to the success of their professional career. Students can enter two of the 3 program tracks offered right out of high school, but must complete one year of university before entering the Joint Program in New Media Studies. Those who have completed post-secondary studies are not eligible to apply for Paramedicine, but are eligible to apply for the journalism program.

941 Progress Ave, Toronto, ON M1K 5E9, Canada

Joint Program in New Media Studies

Those students who are in the New Media educational path are able to earn an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Certificate from Ontario College while taking advantage of the ability to learn from those leading professionals and academics. The program will hold focus on research, critical thinking, experience, communication, and design skills that are necessary to change the world in a society that is propelled forward with knowledge. Those who graduate will have built a portfolio that highlights all of their academic skills and creative abilities, while having been primped and primed for a career within any organization that requires a creative thinker in the realm of media and communication. This program explores the impacts of digital technology on traditional media forms, as well as how new forms of cultural representations are made, consumed, and then shared. The program will also bring focus to content creation via digital tools using images, texts, and sound.

This program must be taken in conjunction with another Major program in a different field. They will graduate with a 4 year Honors Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as a certificate from Centennial College when they have completed their portfolio project, field placement, and professional practice course. It is to be completed in 4 years, with 9 credit hours to be taken in total, and a minimum of 60% should be maintained in order to successfully complete the courses. It is only offered as a major and cannot be completed as a co-op.

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