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Québec, Canada

Laval University, School of Design

Located in the center of Quebec City in the Saint-Roch district, the School of Design can offer students a learning environment that is inspiring and invigorating, allowing individuals to interact with technology, art, and culture through networks that work together with the University's learning objectives. The School of Design offers programs in 2D and 3D animation, product design, graphic design, and interaction design. The School of Design was founded in 1922, and has undergone numerous transformations.

Since its inception, Laval University has set out to train, equip, and guide the decision makers that ponder the most important issues with society. The university aims to advance and share the knowledge of a culture of excellence as well as global outlook. The academic community adds to the development and international recognition of the province. Even with the ever-changing status of the world, Laval University plays a huge role in Quebec City, as well as nationally and internationally. The university is an accelerator for change and a progressive institution where students will be surrounded with knowledge, innovation, and curiosity each day.

Laval University was the first French language university in the Americas, and is known for its worldly perspective and the commitment that is has to the highest standards. It contributes to the much needed advancement of society through training individuals who are skilled and responsible while promoting change, and the university advances and shares the knowledge in the development and research environments. Committed to sustainable development, the university shares that value with its students.

295 Boulevard Charest E, Ville de Québec, QC G1K 3G8, Canada

Maitrise en Design Multimedia

The Master's in Interaction Design program is built to train designers who specialize in the interaction of humans and systems. While the internet as many know it is still a vital medium, this degree focuses on mobility, connected objects, specialized system interfaces, urban facilities, and more. Students in this program can expect to complete it in 3 consecutive sessions, making it perfect to complement a bachelor's degree in a related field. It is made up of 45 credits comprised of 8 mandatory courses, 1 intervention project, and 1 essay. Those who complete the program can expect to find jobs in varying niches, like project management, ergonomics, information architecture, user experience design, interface design, and many others. While this program does allow for access to doctoral studies, the program is aimed at training advanced designers who are going to enter right into the job market.

Because there are only 25 available spaces for students of the program, the criteria for admission is quite specific. The student must have a complete file for admission,previous training that is relevant, excellent academic achievement, design skills/abilities/experiences, motivation to take the program full time, very good written and oral French, and very good skills to read English. In addition to this, to be considered, students must have or must be in the process of getting a Bachelor's degree from a North American University, or a program that is deemed the equivalent by Laval University Admissions Committee, and admissions are only considered during February, March, and April.

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