McGill University

Québec, Canada

McGill University

What makes McGill? 4000 students, 300 buildings, and 250,000 living alumni have helped the institution gain its reputation for excellence that is recognized around the world. Some outstanding milestones achieved by the university include: 1st place of Canadian universities for medical-doctoral students for 12 years in a row, over 300 programs of study, 12 Nobel Prize winners, 142 Rhodes Scholars, and the highest percentage of PhD students of all Canadian research universities.

McGill's Student Life and Learning team was organized to support students both inside and out of the class. It offers important services and programs that promote social, intellectual, physical, and cultural development. These programs also explore interests that complement the accurate curriculum on a local, national, and international level. These programs include athletics and recreation, enrollment services, hospitality services and student housing, office of the dean of students, teaching and learning services, and services for students. The services offered to students are afforded through the Student Service fee that is charged as part of tuition each term. Other services are paid for voluntarily by the students. Nonetheless, students have access to career planning services, mental health services and counseling, International student services, students with disabilities services, services for scholarships and student aid, office of religious and spiritual life, tutorial services, and student health services.

Grad students will have access to SKILLSETS, a program that will develop and promote interdisciplinary professional offerings. The 9 themes of the activities include academic integrity, fellowships and funding, social responsibility, career development, life skills, supervision, communication skills, research management, and teaching competence.

845 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3A 0G4, Canada
(514) 398-4455

Master of Library and Information Studies, Knowledge Management Specialization

The MISt program will ready graduates to work as an information professional in a wide arena of environments, or to go on and pursue further academic studies. The program is offered on McGill's campus, and is made up of courses that will require students to create their individualized path of study—based on their academic and career goals. Students are required to successfully complete 48 credits, which is generally completed in 2 years for those studying full time, but in no more than 5 years for those studying part time. This master's program is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA).

The Knowledge Management specialization aims to identify relevant and useful knowledge in an organization and to manage, merge, and synthesize knowledge with the goal of fostering efficiency through the reprocessing of knowledge, and to assist in creativity and innovation. It is about connecting individuals to valuable content and to knowledgeable people. Those who complete the Master of Library and Information Studies with Specialization in Knowledge Management can expect to become content managers, knowledge journalists, taxonomists, knowledge support specialists, and community of practice facilitators.

The MISt program is highly competitive and students must meet the minimum requirements to be considered for admission; A Bachelor's degree with at least a B average. The school does consider the character of the applicant's post-secondary studies and their potential for a career in a related field. Those who have taken courses in a program not accredited by the ALA cannot transfer the credits to McGill's MISt program, which is ALA accredited.

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