University of Western Ontario

Ontario, Canada

University of Western Ontario

Also called Western University, the institution opened its doors in 1881 with just 4 faculties. This has grown into 3 affiliated university colleges, 12 faculties, and over 400 specializations, minors, and majors. UWO is where Sir Frederick Banting penned 25 words that eventually led to the discovery of insulin. It is also where Ivan Smith developed a method to treat cancer that brought the rate of cured cervical cancer from 25% to 75%. The excellence of the university is seen in its history, and it continues to bring discoveries now and for years to come. UWO is a leader in engineering, and has tested structures like Jakarta Tower, Sears Tower, and the World Trade Center. The university is also a leader in educating for business, and has been ever since it was founded. In fact, North America's first business school to open in Hong Kong is the efforts of UWO. The university has also been a leader in medical advances ever since its inception, and most notably has fostered the development of an HIV vaccine that gained approval by the United States FDA for clinical trials on humans in 2012.

UWO places incredible focus on initiatives like mental health services available to faculty, students, parents, and families who are in need of them. Accessibility is also vital part of the university's success, as the campus is barrier-free for individuals of all needs. Working in a culture of safety, students will be pleased to know that UWO is considered to be one of the safest campuses in Canada.

1151 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3K7, Canada
(519) 661-4017

Master of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Information and Media Studies

Recognized as one of North America's best programs of this kind, the MLIS program has a curriculum that emphasizes consideration for the discipline as well as the growth of research skills. It provides a solid foundation in librarianship along with the opportunity to work with new information technologies and groundbreaking ideas. Graduates will enter the workforce as skilled professionals that are more than prepared to meet the challenges faced by library and information specialists. The MLIS program at UWO is flexible, and is offered either full time or part time, with a graduation date in as little as 12 months but no more than 4 years. Students can also take part in the work/study program in a library or information related position to put them in a great position for having experience before graduating. The Co-op allows students to apply their classroom learning in a professional environment.

The MLIS degree is accredited by the ALA, a society that ensures library and science education standards are met. As a whole, the degree program is made up of 15 courses, 5 being required and 10 being electives from a list provided. To be considered for admission to the MLIS program, students must have no less than a Bachelor's degree with an average of at least 70%, in addition to varying degrees of other education and work statuses. Admission into the program can take place in January, May, or September as an attempt to accommodate the various needs of potential or current students.

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