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University of Queensland

UQ boasts a ranking in the top 50 world universities, determined by the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers, and ranks as number 60 on the list of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. If this doesn't tell you that UQ is a leading university, the innovations that the college has produced have a great impact on changing the lives of many individuals in the world. Agricultural research, vaccination research, fighting the superbugs, and cancer vaccines are just a few of the groundbreaking achievements UQ has under their belt. Everything that UQ stands for guide the paths that are provided for all students. Because of this, the tools provided will usher students successfully through their program of choice. The University works to monitor all policies and procedures to ensure proper activities are seen for their value, and rewarded as such. UQ also aims to make sure that the leaders of the institution are consistent in their commitment to the success of all students.

UQ's culture fosters independent thinking and creativity, as they welcome all new ideas from students, staff, alumni, and partners. Honesty and accountability provide transparency and ensure that the institution is held responsible for their values. Diversity is celebrated within UQ's community, individuals of any background can find empowerment within the inclusive environment with safety being top priority for the University. The community thrives on inclusiveness and support, rewarding and celebrating the achievements of the students and staff. Shared success plays a major role in the positivism of the environment.

St Lucia QLD 4072, Australia
+61 7 3365 1111

Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design

In days gone by, a certain niche of specialists worked with computers. Now, interaction with computers is a huge part of the daily life of a large number of people, and this number will only grow larger as time goes on. Computer-based technologies, networks, and telecommunications are something that touches lives starting at childhood now, and change immensely as generations grow older, and will continue to change. Because of this, programs such as a Graduate Degree in Interaction Design are vital in training individuals to interpret and resolve usability problems.

To enter this program, students must already have a Bachelor's degree in a field that is not interaction design. Those who have post-secondary studies and 2 years of related work experience will be assessed on an individual basis. Those who complete their Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design can seek opportunities within Australia as well as abroad, as they are armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle usability problems and have acquired a diverse set of skills enabling them to be flexible in applying these skills to many different environments such as those in government, business, industry, health, education, defense, and media sectors. Graduates also have the opportunity to gain membership to the Australian Computer Society, a professional body that exists to further professional excellence for Information and Communication Technology. While this degree may not result in automatic accreditation for the graduate, the degree is accredited by an official industry. Applications must be done online through the Application Form.

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