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Students of all kinds can expect to receive a life-changing educational experience. Regardless of background, a central element to UC is the commitment to make education accessible by anyone. Focusing on professional development, choose from a variety of applied degrees while taking part in learning that is integrated into a career. The research and education fostered by UC leads to assist in the building of rightful, sustainable, and prosperous communities to change their disadvantages. UC is fully committed to provide options for those who are traditionally not expected to enter higher education. Students can study at UC while physically being in located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast or even further in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Bhutan.

Courses at UC are offered online, face to face, intensively, and flexibly with four teaching periods, as well as courses that are to be completed at the student's pace. Students will benefit from UC's extensive services for student support, which can be taken advantage of either online or face to face. These resources aim to help student in achieving their academic goals to ensure their long term success.

One of the most notable things about UC is that diversity and equality are encouraged and celebrated in the students and staff. All individuals are encouraged to work to reach their full potential through the expectations and provisions that are provided by the university, with programs set in place specifically to help with overcoming disadvantages to ensure a level playing field for all.

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Master of Information Studies, Specialization in Internet Communication (online)

The flexibility of this online program ensures that you can complete the required courses while still dedicating the time to other responsibilities. The content of the program will allow for growth in skills such as information, communication, and management focusing on Internet Communication. Students will leave the program as professionals in the Information Studies niche, able to work in a number of diverse and modern environments. This program highlights the use and management of digital information for an evolving society that relies heavily on the use of the internet. The program has a strong theoretical foundation, with emphasis on the need of communication.

To be considered for the program, students must have one of the following requirements: a 3 year undergraduate degree with one year of honors, a 4 year undergraduate degree, a 3 year undergraduate degree with a graduate diploma, or other qualifications that are deemed as the equivalent by UC. It is assumed that students entering the program will have the knowledge and skills considered a foundation for the program, which includes the use of common software, the internet, and email. The program is recognized by the Records Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA), requires a full-time commitment of 2 semesters, or may be completed on a part-time basis in no more than 8 semesters. Those who complete the program have entered into careers such as librarians, knowledge managers, researchers, information officers, and information service managers. Because of the nature of the program, students can learn from almost anywhere in the world.

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