Content Calendar

Assignment Notifications

After you have created a content assignment, it will appear in the task window. Users can click “View all Assignments” to see the full list of content assignments.

assignment notification


content assignment window



Content Assignments are displayed in the Content Calendar

content calendar

You have the ability to Filter assignments by Workflow Status and Assigned User.
workflow status assigned user


Content Assignments can be exported by CSV using the Export Menu. Select a project and you will see the export icon below. 
download content

export assignments

Current Status
Choose between the current selected Status or set to off to include every status.

Current User
Choose between the current selected User or set to off to include each user.

Current Calendar View
Choose between exporting the current calendar view or set to off to export all items.

Editing Content Items

You can edit Content Assignments by using the sitemap editor or by clicking on the Content Assignment located on the Calendar. After a Content Assignment is complete, the user can change the workflow status to the updated status.

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