Creating Content

1. Creating Content

Click Edit Sitemap in the sitemap menu, top sitemap menu bar or right side info panel.

edit sitemap

Click the Content Icon on the right side panel.

content tab in sitemap editor

Select the Content Type that you would like add from the drop down menu.

content type dropdown

You can choose from the following content types:

content type options

After selecting the desired content type, click  Content Type Add


2. Content Types Overview

Rich Text Block

rich text block

Click the full screen icon icon for the full screen editor.

full screen editor

Plain Text Block

plain text block

Link Block

link content block

Image Block

Upload Option

image content block 1

URL Option

image content block 2

Select Uploaded

image content block 3

File Block

Upload Option

file content block

Link Option

file content block 2

Select Uploaded

file content block 3

Video Block

URL Option

video content block 1

Code Embed

video content block 2

You can change the order by selecting the content type block and dragging and dropping it into position.

drag and drop

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