Adding Users

Adding Users

In the top right corner, Click the My account in the user menu. Click “Users”. Send an Invite Email to the user(s) that you would like to add.

Adding Users to Just One Sitemap

Invite your user here:

On the same page, click the key next to the user and change the preferences of that user to:

  • Sitemap Access: Off
  • Create Sitemap: Off
  • Delete Sitemap: Off

This will default the user not to see all of your sitemaps. The user will not be able to create new sitemaps or also delete your sitemap.

Then, in the sitemap menu:

Find the sitemap that you would like to share the user, Click Sitemap Permissions and share that one sitemap with the user. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Create Interactive Visual Sitemaps

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