Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking

If you have created a sitemap, DYNO Mapper adds keywords used the in the meta data of your website code. Select a domain name from the drop down menu or click "+" Add Domain to start tracking keywords for a new website.

Keyword Tracking Dropdown

If you have created a sitemap, DYNO Mapper adds keywords used the in the meta data of your website code.

To start tracking, you will need to Enable or Disable the keywords that to start tracking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo on a daily basis.

Keyword Tracking Enable / Disable

Graph Display

Keyword Tracking Graph

Turn your graphs on by clicking the Analytics Icon that is located in the first column.

Click the Icon multiple times to change the color of the icon and line graph.

Keyword Tracking Icon

Adding Keyword Phrases
Add keyword by typing in the keyword you'd like to track in the box and click the + icon.
Keyword Tracking Add Keyword

Adding Multiple
Click the Add multiple keyword to add multiple keywords in bulk. Add or Copy each keyword on a new line and click Add to add all the keywords at the same time.
Keyword Tracking - Add Multiple Keywords


Adjust the Since to show how many days will be used to calculate your keyword movement displayed in the columns.

Keyword Tracking Since

Search for long lists of relevant keywords using the Search box.

Keyword Tracking Search


A page's current position in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as its change in position in each search engine is displayed in the sortable columns.

Keyword Tracking Rankings

Access information about the URL that is being tracked by clicking on the numbers in each keyword row.

A popup will open displaying the Ranking, URL and a quick link to visit the page.

Keyword Tracking Ranking Detail

Click on the URL to display the Page information including the Page Title, Descriptions, and Keywords used on the page.

Keyword Tracking Ranking Detail

The keyword Volume and the average cost-per-click of each keyword in the columns next to the search engine ranking. 

Keyword Tracking Volume & CPC

Delete keywords using the Trash icon or you can just "Disable" to stop tracking a particular keyword while keeping it in your list.

Keyword Tracking Trash


Keyword Ranking reports can be export via CSV or PDF style reports.

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