Content Inventory

Content Inventory

A. Create Website Inventory

Create a website inventory by clicking Create from URL in the left side menu.


Sitemap Generator Menu


Create from URL

Enter the base URL that you would like to create a visual sitemap for including the http:// or https:// located at the beginning of the url.


Create Sitemaps


After DYNO Mapper is finished creating your sitemap, your inventory can be accessed by clicking the Inventory link in the left side menu.


Content Inventory


In the inventory list, select the website that you would like to view. This list will display the number of subdomains, pages, links, bad links, and errors. Click the Details button to view your inventory detail.

Content Inventory 


After clicking the Details button, you will enter the inventory detail.


Content Inventory


B. Search

Search page titles and urls using the search bar. Enter your keyword and press enter.


Content Inventory Search


C. Sort

Sort pages by Default, Occurrences, and Status

Content Inventory Sort

D. Filtering

Filter inventory items using the Type, Status, and Location filters.

Content Inventory

Filter by Type

  • Page
  • Image
  • File

Filter by Status

  • Ok
  • Bad Links
  • Redirects
  • Unknown Error

Filter by Location

  • Internal
  • External

E. Export

Inventory lists can be exported to .csv files which are Microsoft Excel compatible. Click the export icon located in the upper right hand corner of the inventory detail page to export your website inventory.


Content Inventory


Name your export file and select your desired export options.


Content Inventory Export 


After completing your export, save your file by clicking Inventory/Exports in the left side menu.


Content Inventory Export


When you click Exports, a window will open up with your file for download.

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