Customize Sitemaps

Customize Sitemaps

Custom Logo

In the sitemap list, click the DYNO Mapper logo to upload a custom logo for each sitemap. The DYNO Mapper logo will show as a default until a new logo is uploaded.


Change Sitemap Logo


Edit Sitemap Colors

Click the Color icon in the sitemap tool bar.


Sitemap Colors


Select a preset

Sitemap Color Presets

or choose custom colors to change the look of your sitemap.

Sitemap Color Selection


Edit Sitemap Style

Choose from 5 available sitemap styles in the sitemap toolbar. 


Sitemap Style Selection


Choose from the following styles:

Default Style

Default Sitemap Style

Tree Style

Tree Sitemap Style

Circle Style

Circle Sitemap Style

Folder Style

Folder Style


Thumbnail Style

thumbnail style 20


Show Url

Each sitemap has the ability to show a optional URL on each page tab of the sitemap.

URL display on Sitemap Page


You can turn this optional information on using the sitemap toolbar.


Show URLs on Sitemap

Show General Information

Display general information about each website using the show info option in the sitemap editor. The General Information pop can be accessed within the list of sitemaps or on each sitemap in the upper right hand corner.


Show general info on sitemap


Inventory Information

Sitemap Inventory

Analytics Information

Sitemap Analytics

Collaboration Information

Sitemap Generator

Max Level

Use the Max Level option to adjust the number of levels shown by your sitemap.


Sitemap Generator


Setting a maximum level will create sub-pages within your sitemap that can be accessed by clicking the arrow that appears on the sitemap.


Sitemap Generator


Sitemap Icons

Each page of your sitemap comes with 4 optional icons for viewing the live page, analytics, page inventory, and comments.


Sitemap Generator

  • View: Click this icon to view the live website page
  • Analytics: Click this icon to view page analytics
  • Inventory: Click the icon to view page inventory
  • Comments: click this icon to comment on a page


Sitemap Icons can be controlled globally using the tool bar.


 Sitemap Generator

Create Interactive Visual Sitemaps

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