Edit Sitemaps

Edit Sitemaps

After you have created a sitemap, click the edit button located under the title of your sitemap in the list. Another edit button is located for your convenience in the upper right hand corner of your sitemap. Only logged in users will be able to see the edit button located on your sitemap. Shared viewers of the sitemap will not be able to see or use the edit button.

Grid View

Edit Sitemaps


List View

Edit Sitemaps


Edit your sitemap using the tools located on the left side of the editor. Drag and drop pages to position the hierarchy.


Editor Tools:

Add page to Sitemap Add Page

Assign page to category tool Assign Category

Assign page to workflow tool Assign Workflow

Assign page to tag tool Assign Tag

Delete page from Sitemap Delete Page

Preview Sitemap Tool Preview Sitemap



Create Sitemaps


Create Interactive Visual Sitemaps

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